As a passionate photographer and park enthusiast,
I try to combine my love of wildlife with rare photographic opportunities to produce compassionate and respectful images.  

    I picked up my first camera over 30 years ago when I started canoeing the park interior and haven't put it down since. A wildlife photographer was born and almost four decades later I enjoy Algonquin Park more than ever, working and photographing moose, loons, fox, otter, beaver and more.

   I enjoy assisting clients to travel the lesser known parts of Algonquin's diverse landscape. I've lead professional and amateur photographers by canoe and on foot to select locations to photograph it's wildlife. 

   In addition to the beauty that an Algonquin Park photograph brings to a room, it is my desire that my photography will also inspire others to help protect Algonquin Park and all that inhabit it. With each print, in some way, I try to connect the viewer with the subject.  

   My photographs are available in finer shops in Algonquin Park, Dwight, and the surrounding area as well as right here online.



Thank you

Jerry Schmanda